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Gum Disease

Gum Disease is one of the easiest dental ailments to avoid yet is the one that most often plagues us.

Two simple steps can keep you from suffering the ill effects of gum disease:

  • Regular brushing and flossing
  • Regular visits to your dentist and dental therapist/ hygienist

Without the support of these two dental care steps, you can face the health consequences of:

  • Periodontal disease – which is infection with tissue and bone damage due to extended gingivitis
  • Gingivitis – the most common dental ailment, gum inflammation

Gingivitis is caused when a film of bacteria called Plaque is not routinely removed from the surfaces of your teeth and gums.  When Plaque is allowed to collect over time, it irritates and inflames your gums, creating tiny open wounds which easily become infected.

Your dentist at Seaside Dental Practice can quickly determine if you are at risk for gum disease with a routine dental exam.  Often a simple teeth cleaning and a return to regular dental care habits is all that is needed to keep your smile healthy and fresh.

Gum Disease Video
A healthy tooth Plaque builds up gum and bone may begin to recede. Sometimes the gum recedes with the bone and sometimes it doesn't. Either way the tooth may become mobile.

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