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408 Seaside, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 7RZ
Seaside Dental Practice

General Dentistry

At Seaside Dental Practice we are proud to be able
to offer a range of General Dentistry :

• Full Dental Examination including X-Rays
• Oral Hygiene
• Fillings
• Extractions
• Crowns & Bridges
• Dentures
• Root Canal Treatment

Root Filling Treatment Video
A filled or decayed tooth with an abscess. The filling is removed to access the cavity. The root canals are reamed to remove the tooth nerves. Gutta-perchas are inserted to fill the root. These are then cut-off, sealed and the tooth filled. The abscess will reduce. A crown may be necessary later.

Tooth Extraction

This involves having one or multiple teeth removed from your mouth.  This can be achieved in one appointment or over a few appointments (if multiple teeth need to be removed).  There are a number of reasons why your teeth need to be extracted.  Some of the most common reasons are severe gum disease, tooth decay, a broken tooth that cannot be repaired, crowded teeth or wisdom teeth problems

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