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Decay Detection

Decay detection is the most important preventative dental care procedure to maintaining good dental health.  Completely painless and utterly vital, decay detection is performed using powerfully lit magnification tools and a series of x-rays

X-rays reveal decay damage under your tooth enamel, bone loss, and tooth root infection which you may be unaware exists.  Tiny spots of decay can be determined through these exams and treated before any real damage is done.

Prevention is the watch word of decay detection.  Through regular exams, your dentist at Seaside Dental Practice can ensure that you avoid serious dental health problems and the extensive treatments they may require.

Decay Video
Teeth have a hard enamel surface.  Poor oral hygiene can lead to a build-up of plaque and possibly to decay.  If decay is left untreated the nerve of the tooth may become infected and die, this may cause an abscess.

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