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Bad Breath Therapy

Bad breath is such a common oral health problem as to be infamous – jokes abound about it, but it is nothing to laugh about and may be a sign of serious dental health ailments.

Most of us have encountered a bout of bad breath due to one or more reasons:

  • Eating foods such as garlic or onion
  • Smoking
  • Not brushing regularly so rotting bits of food stay caught between your teeth
  • Plaque coating your teeth and gums
  • Nasal and stomach illnesses

Regular, thorough dental care which includes brushing teeth, gums, and tongue can prevent or eliminate most causes of bad breath; however, if it doesn’t and your bad breath hangs on, please visit us at Seaside Dental to ensure you are not suffering from gum disease.

Tongue Cleansing Video
85% of bad breath originates in the mouth, most of which comes from the tongue. Stagnating plaque bacteria and food debris can give off an offensive odour. Tongue cleansing removes unwanted bacteria from the tongue's surface... and the tongue-coating that cause bad breath. TongueDetox is designed to make tongue cleaning easy and comfortable. Use daily for fresher breath, improved taste and a healthier mouth.